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The Executive Committee


The Association is led by an Executive Committee consisting of highly qualified persons in the energy industry. All the members are committed to making positive and sustainable changes in the energy industry. This commitment is shown through their constant support of different programmes and initiatives that are aimed at transforming how the energy industry operates in Eastern Africa.

The following is a list of the members of the Executive Committee;

  1. Prof. Izael Da Silva- President
  2. Eng. Simon Ngure- Vice-President
  3. Andrew Amadi- Secretary
  4. Freda Nyambura- Treasurer
  5. Caroline Makenzi- Assistant Secretary/ CWEEL Liason
  6. Rabindra Poudel- Head of Capacity Building Committee
  7. Harness Mukhongo Sakwa- Head of Operations
  8. Naresh Mehta- Head of Ethics Committee
  9. Jane Asava- Head of Registration and Membership Committee
  10. Chris Mbori- Deputy Head of Capacity Building Committee
  11. Susan Munyiri- Deputy CWEEL Liason
  12. Eustace Njeru-Member
  13. Margaret Kanini-Member
  14. Edwin Ngatia -Member
  15. Ignatius Maranga- Student Representative