Appreciation from the ERC and the MOEP

Appreciation from the ERC and the MOEP

The Association of Energy Professionals Eastern Africa (AEPEA) is the second local chapter of The Association of Energy Engineers (AEE) in Africa. The Association was granted chapter status by the AEE on 30th September 2014.

Since its official launch on 21st March 2016 in Nairobi, Kenya, AEPEA has been persistently dedicated to align itself with the mission of the AEE which is “to promote the scientific and educational interests of those engaged in the energy industry and to foster action for sustainable development”. The Association has set out to ensure that it leaves a mark in the energy sector in Eastern Africa. It has been keen to cater for the interests of the different persons who are active in the energy industry and support different programmes that are aimed at making a difference.

Due to this commitment, AEPEA’s efforts have been recognized by two main players in the Kenya’s energy sector namely the Ministry of Energy and Petroleum, Kenya’s chief institution in charge of creating and monitoring policies that are aimed at creating and fostering an enabling environment for efficient operations and the growth of the energy sector, and the Energy Regulatory Commission (ERC), the body mandated to regulate electrical energy, petroleum and related products, renewable energy and other forms of energy in Kenya.

For instance, the Ministry of Energy and Petroleum has recognized the Association’s determination and zest to participate in constant and active collaborations with other companies in energy efficiency matters in the Kenyan energy industry. The association has always been ready to work with other companies in order to ensure that it is actively taking part in the shaping of the energy industry in Eastern Africa.

It also acknowledges the fact that through the setting up of a local chapter of the AEE in Eastern Africa, CEM training and accreditation has been made more easily accessible to Kenyan energy professionals, and other energy professionals in Eastern Africa. This has been made possible through the collaboration between AEPEA and Kenya Association of Manufacturers (KAM) which has resulted in the standardization of the CEM course. The course has provided an excellent capacity building opportunity for energy professionals in Eastern Africa as more and more energy professionals are dedicating their time to attain this certification. The Ministry has noted that this has gone a long way in ensuring and promoting the competitiveness of the energy industry.

The Ministry also applauds the use of local trainers by AEPEA to administer the CEM course in Eastern Africa. It is also fully supporting AEPEA’s efforts to have the course fully offered and administered in Kenya, i.e. registration, training and certification, so as to ensure a smooth process for all professionals who wish to pursue this certification.

The Ministry has avowed full support to AEPEA as a result of the numerous milestones it has been able to achieve since its inception in Eastern Africa. It is committed to support the Association in its efforts to continue with the excellent provision of services that create room for reliable, affordable and sustainable energy delivery in Kenya.

On the other hand, the Energy Regulatory Commission (ERC) notes with great admiration that AEPEA was able to launch its chapter very successfully with the participation of different prominent energy professionals and energy companies. With time, the membership of AEPEA has risen to over 150 individual members and 12 corporate members. It acknowledges the fact that AEPEA has been able to introduce higher levels of quality and professionalism in the energy sector through the administration of the CEM course and its support of different programmes aimed at providing and maintaining an environment of sustainable use of energy in Kenya.

Just like the Ministry of Energy and Petroleum, the ERC commends the Association’s achievement of the successful implementation of the Trainer of Trainers program, whereby persons are trained and equipped with skills, and then given the rights to conduct the CEM Training locally in Kenya and within the region. With the administering of more CEM training sessions, the pass rates have increased and more persons have become CEMs.

AEPEA has been keen to promote and ensure constant capacity building for energy professionals. Its efforts have been noted by the ERC who acknowledge the importance of the different trainings that AEPEA has been able to administer, especially post CEM trainings. It also recognizes the fact that AEPEA has been able to successfully set up a Council for Women on Energy and Environmental Leadership (CWEEL) Chapter in Kenya, which has resulted in major positive outcomes such as the successful training of women in solar power installation and the creation of Women in Sustainable Energy and Entrepreneurship (WISEE). This has helped a lot in empowering women in the energy sector and motivating them to play a more active role in shaping the industry.

Through the involvement of AEPEA in Kenya’s energy industry, there is now a framework for self-regulation in regards to the quality of energy audit reports. The ERC and the Ministry of Energy and Petroleum recognizes this effort to set up a self-regulation framework for energy auditors and energy audit firms to ensure the provision of quality energy audits and fair pricing mechanisms for determining the cost of energy audits. This is important as it has helped to ensure standardization in energy audits in Kenya.

ERC is committed to work with AEPEA in the following areas;

  • To ensure the excellent implementation and the upholding of the highest levels of professional ethical standards and practices in energy management through effective self-regulation
  • To constantly promote capacity building of different energy professionals through supporting different undertakings by AEPEA to equip its members with relevant skills and knowledge on a wide range of energy issues
  • To lead research in energy efficiency, renewable energy and energy management
  • To be a neutral, credible and reliable resource for the Kenyan government, businesses and the general public on all energy matters
  • To facilitate high quality exchange programs with both local and international bodies that are involved in energy matters
  • To create awareness on different energy matters through constant and continuous communication in order to make a positive difference in the use and management of energy

AEPEA is very grateful and humbled by the recognition by these major energy players in the energy market in Kenya and it will continue ensuring that it leaves a positive impact in the Eastern Africa by constantly working with these game changers, and other companies engaged in the energy sector. The Association pledges to find more ways in which it can make a difference and to gain wider recognition in the African region for its unending commitment to leave a mark in the energy sector and to help attain the mission of the AEE.


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