Call for 2025 Officer Nominations

Call for 2025 Officer Nominations

Call for 2025 Officer Nominations

AEE is soliciting nominations for candidates for 2025 President-Elect and Secretary for the AEE Board of Directors. In addition, we are soliciting nominations for Regional Vice Presidents in the following areas: Northeast US. The deadline for submitting nominations is Wednesday, April 24th.

Please use this online form to submit your nominations for these positions. All nomination forms will be sent to the Nominations Committee Chair, Richard Costello for review.

Candidates for Officers should be willing to attend a Global Leadership Team Meeting at AEE World each year. Candidates for Regional Vice President should have an interest in developing chapters and maintaining contact with the existing chapters in their region. Regional Vice Presidents serve a two-year term.

The Regional Vice Presidents serving the 2024-2025 term are as follows:

Atlantic and Southeast US– Dale Cranford

Mid-West US Region– Maryanne McGowen

Central and South US Region– Adil Khan

Western US– Kristin Gustafson

Asia Pacific Rim region– Leonard Chow

Asia Subcontinent Region– Binoy Choudhury

Canada Region– Andrew Penner

Central & Eastern Europe Region– Dušan Petráš

Former Soviet Union Region– Alexander Ovdiienko

Middle East Region– Ziad Haddad

Sub-Saharan Africa Region– Yolanda De Lange

Western Europe Region– Hicham Lahmidi

Latin America Region– Enio Akira Kato

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