EMobility Conference

Held on 21st February 2020, at the Crowne Plaza Nairobi

E-Mobility Speakers presentations


  • Infrastructure development required to accelerate adoption of E Mobility
  • Highlight required regulatory frameworks for electric mobility with emphasis on urban public transport and low emission
  • Networking and learning experiences from other markets.
  • Development of sustainable business models and Funding mechanisms  to drive access
  • Integrating digital concepts across the E-mobility sector
  • Capacity building initiatives to drive  required in E-Mobility
  • Standards and regulations required to support E-Mobility



One of the major environmental challenges facing developing countries is air pollution. This has been linked to the transport sector which has the highest growth in global emissions. This sector contributes approximately one quarter of all energy related carbon dioxide emissions to the atmosphere. With urbanization and economic growth, fuel consumption by the transport sector is expected to increase rapidly.

Governments and city authorities across the world are introducing cleaner public transport and pledging to ban the most polluting vehicles in a bid to reduce the harmful impact of a sector that is only set to grow.


The Electric mobility (E-Mobility) in Kenya is growing fast with individuals and leading companies in the Energy sector taking a lead to import electric vehicles. Encouraging the use of electric vehicles and sustainable mobility is essential for energy efficiency and improving the environment.

Innovation, legislation and public awareness are key to ensuring that cleaner and sustainable transport materializes.

The E-Mobility Conference offers a prime opportunity to discuss the significant impact of E-Mobility on power system design and operation.

Objectives and Expected Accomplishments

The expected accomplishments at the end of the Conference include;

  • Improved knowledge about opportunities and good practices associated with E Mobility.
  • Enhanced awareness about regulatory frameworks for electric mobility with
    emphasis on urban public transport and low emission
  • Improved understanding of the tariff structure for importing electric vehicles
  • Understanding the digital services associated related to electric Mobility



The Conference will be held for one day and will comprise presentation of papers and discussions on Electric Mobility in Kenya. During the Conference, participants will have the opportunity to share experiences, as well as sharing good practices and gaps, in implementation of E Mobility. Participants will also share experiences of what support is needed including the tools and mechanisms that may be needed to effectively integrate e-mobility into policy planning and programming.

Target Group

The Conference aims to bring together government officials from key ministries, experts on electric vehicles, charging infrastructure, power system operators, and stakeholders of the renewable energy industry.

Timing and Duration

The Conference will be held for one day on Friday, 21st February, 2020.


The Crowne Plaza, Nairobi.


Louise Mathu – Energy Lawyer

Louise is an Advocate of the High Court of Kenya specialised in Corporate & Commercial Law with particular expertise in the Energy and Extractives sector. She is passionate about providing timely and practical legal solutions to meet client needs in their area of business operation. With her diverse experience from both private and public sectors, she is well positioned to provide a well rounded and holistic perspective on legal issues. Other areas of expertise are; Public Private Partnerships (PPPs), Construction & Engineering Law, Infrastructure & Projects, Project Finance, Legal & Regulatory Compliance, Corporate Governance and Mergers & Acquisitions.

Catherine Nyambala – Goldman Sachs, Fortune Global Womens’ Award

Catherine is an Electrical Engineer currently in the Energy Sector. She is passionate about Renewable Energy, Sustainability, Green solutions, Innovation Management and Operations Excellence. She has got experience in the Energy, Telecommunications, ICT, Manufacturing and Education sectors. Auma has had a front seat in several Infrastructure revolutions in Kenya namely the Internet revolution in 1998, the ICT revolution in 2002, the Telecoms revolution in 2006 and is currently (2018) an advocate and catalyst for the anticipated Battery Energy Storage Systems, EV Infrastructure revolution and mini-grids. In August, 2012 Auma was named one of three Goldman Sachs & Fortune Global Women Leaders award winner. She was thus honoured at the Fortune Most Powerful Women Summit in October 2012. This came after one month mentorship at Google as one of 33 women selected from around the world by the US State department to be mentored by Fortunes’ Most Powerful women in 2010. Auma envisions an Africa free from poverty where Science, Engineering and Technology play a pivotal role. As a mentor she has developed her own original track “Act Achieve Advance” to help young people unleash their potential. In the program She shares the principles that have led her to win no less than 6 Awards and Honors so far.

Catherine Riungu – Managing Editor/ HortiNews, Communications Lead, Oserian Development Company

Catherine Riungu is a veteran journalist cum publisher of HortiNews, a bimonthly magazine that focuses on the horticulture industry, one of the leading foreign exchange earners for Kenya. Floriculture is the leading export earner in this segment, and Catherine has years of interaction with the sector, In the process she has become an authority in the various value chain segments of this industry. Catherine worked at Nation Media Group, the leading news organization in Africa, as a senior writer with the East African, the regional weekly published by NMG before she ventured into publishing HortiNews and offering communications consultancy services for many farms and firms in horticulture. She has worked with farms, research organizations, industry associations, government, regulators and international organizations with interests in the flower business. Energy is a major factor in the flower production business, consumed at every point of crop management. Consequently, considering the consumption and associated high cost of power, flower farms are increasingly adopting smart energy solutions to manage costs and most importantly, embrace sustainability.

Anthony Mburu – East Africa Business Development, Energy Products – Tesla
Anthony is based in Nairobi and leads business development in the Eastern, Central & Horn of Africa regions for Tesla’s energy division. With over 19 years’ experience in operations across Kenya, Uganda, Rwanda, Tanzania, DR Congo, Senegal, Cameroon, Ghana, Cote D’Ivoire and Mauritius, spanning the energy, fast-moving consumer goods, consulting and financial services sectors, He has a wealth of first hand exposure to the diverse opportunities and challenges facing the continent. Energy access and innovation are a special area of interest and he is a firm believer in the continents ability to leap-frog its legacy problems and transform the lives of its citizens. He is now focused on accelerating the world’s transition to sustainable energy by deploying battery energy storage systems to support even more uptake of renewable energy and enhancing its effectiveness and reliability to communities, businesses, industries and utilities. He has successfully developed multiple Battery Energy Storage System deployments in Kenya, Tanzania, DRC and South Sudan, spanning across C&I, off-grid and urban microgrid applications

Alex Makalliwa – General Manager, Solar E-Cycles Kenya

Alex is an Aerospace Engineer, entrepreneur and academic. He’s currently serving as General Manager at Solar E-Cycles Kenya – an organisation that designs and assembles light electric solar-powered tricycles. The organisation’s larger vision is to provide rural off-grid communities with affordable access to mobility and renewable energy. It is intended that this access will catalyse demonstrable social, economic and environmental gains for the tricycle’s users and their communities. Alex’s aspiration is to consistently develop technology whose adoption across Africa will have palpable social impact. Away from startups, you’ll find him reading, writing or trying to restore classic cars.

Bill Kent – Executive Director, Association of Energy Engineers (AEE)

Bill has served as Executive Director of AEE since November 2017, succeeding Al Thumann, Founder of AEE. Bill has been involved in the energy management industry for over 30 years and brings expertise in energy efficiency, automation, building systems, and executive leadership. In his 12 years at AEE, he has led many key initiatives and has been managing the day to day operations of the organization in his previous role as Managing Director. His current focus is to promote the mission and work of AEE to both developed and developing countries around the world – reducing energy use and greenhouse gas emissions, and improving the quality of life and economic advancement through the implementation of clean energy solutions. Bill attended the University of Georgia and is a Certified Energy Manager® (CEM®), and serves on numerous Boards and Advisory Groups.