Ren Engineering Solutions

Ren Engineering Solutions is an Engineering and Energy services company that optimizes compressed air systems.

Ren is composed of a team of highly qualified and experienced service engineers who are OEM (Original Equipment Manufacturer) trained and experts in this field. This coupled with our partnerships with OEMs ensures reliable and comprehensive service to all our clients. Our mission is the development and integration of innovative technology for diagnostics and optimization of compressed air systems.

We actualize our mission by offering energy audits to create a baseline of your system’s existing operations; we analyse system data to determine the inefficiencies and areas for optimization after which we propose energy efficiency projects that will save you money; we implement the projects such as piping re-design and installations from start to finish; we verify that the energy efficiency projects are saving you money and implement strategies such as training, maintenance contracts, compressed air quality testing or permanent monitoring to ensure that your system continues running efficiently.

Our key services:

  • Compressed Air energy audits
  • Compressed Air piping design and installation
  • Compressed Air Quality Testing
  • Compressed Air monitoring